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CFEB Sisley, better known as Sisley Paris, is an independent French luxury cosmetic, skin care, hair care, and perfume company. The firm develops products based on active ingredients derived from plants for different skin types and different uses: moisturizing, anti-aging, sun care, or makeup.

Sisley has terrible management as an employer, the working environment is toxic, and practices are questionable, according to a former employee at

"No performance appraisals, no consideration for the desired progression. Incompetent, rude, vacuous managers. Questionable ethics and practices. The brand image has cheapened. Promises never materialize."


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Former Employee - Accounting/Finance says

"- Actual job scope deviated from what they have mentioned in the interview. - Middle management is narrow minded and too defensive. They felt threatened or challenged while facing something new or they are not familiar with. - Work in an old fashioned way. Like to print out the details and key in one by one manually into SAP whilst it can be uploaded or copy&paste. - One of the manager even has a ROM brain. Refused to take in new ideas and perspective. Over-emphasized on the redundant details and steps instead of seeking for improvement for work efficiency. - Limited growth to employees. - High turnover rate due to the above reasons. (Especially for certain accounting position)"

Assistant Controller says

"Worked long hours. Not flexibility if you have family. You need to take your personal or vacation days for your appointment even if you worked late. There's favoritism. No chances to grow within the company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The MD was the founder's daughter and was a bully, lazy, ignorant, arrogant and utterly oblivious to the real world. Heartless and despicable subhuman who could not make a decision without referring to daddy"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I wasted the best years of my life at this company! The (UK) company has dramatically changed since the summer of 2016. You do the math. Prior to 2016, quality and people were valued. Marketing and money are what matters today. Money, money, and more money - that's all that matters. No performance appraisals, no consideration for desired progression Incompetent, rude, vacuous managers Questionable ethics and practices Brand image has cheapened Promises never materialise."

Former Employee - Stock Controller (Head Office) says

"Being a family company (far from how great it sounds at counter) is the first issue here. Horrible French mentality, utterly stingy, really not committed to professionality or to treating people well. Proof is the number of people that resigned all at once recently. Antiquated systems, completely behind the times at all levels of the business. An environment where people are bullied, treated unfairly, unless they have a senior management position (and actually even then they are bullied by the company owner and her terrible manner). I had the most awful time at this company and I really hope others avoid making the same mistake."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The disgruntled head office people who are defensive and useless. You hit target, you get no thanks. You don't hit target you get vilified."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* Poor working structure and very out of date! * Poor Management of counter due to slack Area Manager and head office communication. * Diabolical Management techniques from Area/ regional Manager! I can't fathom how any Manager can take on its position to feed their own ego. Management is fundamentally about identifying the needs of the business and SUPPORTING that... not breaking people down and crippling them for pleasure! * No support, no respect, no gratitude, no loyalty, you are not valued, you're underpaid, no honesty and you are treated like crap at every opportunity!! * The turnover of staff is extremely high!! * Your account is without a Counter Manager more often than not! *This business felt very much like a gang of false, pretentious, brainless, immature, jealous old hag wannabes and the focus is never truly on the business because too many people have a personal agenda! *The rota system is a complete embarrassment. *Uniforms are cheap and ugly and a bad representation of a luxury brand!"


"If only one person reads this review and boycotts working for the company then I have at least saved one soul from the peril. I do not think that I have ever worked for a more unpleasant, unkind company. How the Management treat and speak to the employees below them is genuinely inhumane. Being made to feel incompetent whereas in reality, your intelligence and education exceeds theirs tenfold. If you enjoy being downtrodden, belittled and personally insulted in the most backhanded ways, as if they are trying to do you a favour by stripping your personality down to the core, then this is the company for you. The Management are forever trying to sell to you what an amazing company it is to work for, whereas it is just really outdated, their products are unpleasant and they are most certainly not open to innovation and ideas. Please do not be fooled by the lie 'people come to the company and they stay here'. They do not. I have never known for the amount of resignations that I witnessed in such a small time frame. The workforce are miserable, you could hear a pin drop. Romanticizing the company from Hubert just creating these things just for his wife, to selling to the world on a big scale... all they are is money driven, zero employee or even customer care, as long as their outdated products are lining pockets. The deceased founder will be spinning in his grave at the shambolic business ethics."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Horrendous area manager in midlands. No support at all. Hard hard selling isn't the word. No team work what so ever."

Former Employee - Product Specialist says

"Benefits are not that great and management plays favorites. No ongoing education to further promotion."

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"They will lie to your face about everything, the managers there are racist. The only good part is the hour lunch break. Do I recommend anyone to work there the answer is “NO”1 hour lunchEverything"

ASSISTANT CONTROLLER (Former Employee) says

"The president is really nice but he'd rather stay away from the real problem. The company has so many vicepresidents and only 13 people in the office ....... Really? Get real! They need to change upper management except the president."

Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is a hard company to work for because its private. The insurance is awful and so expensive. I can never take a vacation or a weekend off because it would affect the business too much. Unpaid maternity leave and unsympathetic to any family needs.good moneyawful benefits" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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